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Nicholas Way results

Geopolitical shocks pile up, but markets equipped to ride the volatility

Shock events like the Israel-Palestine and Russia-Ukraine conflicts are not a reason for investors to panic sell, as history tells us geopolitical risk, which is always present and therefore factored in by markets, has little correlation with long-term economic upheavals.

Nicholas Way | 25th Oct 2023 | More
Testing limits of brand loyalty, Qantas falls from grace

With Alan Joyce’s departure, it’s now up to incoming CEO Vanessa Hudson to restore the airline’s battered reputation after a series of high-profile trust breaches. But getting the Flying Kangaroo back on top will take some intestinal fortitude from the board.

Nicholas Way | 6th Sep 2023 | More
After keeping their distance, SMSFs may be ready to bond with debt securities

The bond market has never had great investment appeal for Australia’s self-managed superannuation funds, but with rising yields improving their proposition, some observers say the investment tide may be coming in for fixed interest.

Nicholas Way | 5th May 2023 | More
Gold set to shine for SMSFs seeking portfolio protection

Gold has never held strong investment appeal for SMSFs, despite being seen as a hedge against inflation. With the precious metal beginning a so-far volatile 2023 full of steam, SMSFs looking to preserve capital have several reasons to consider incorporating gold into their portfolios.

Nicholas Way | 8th Feb 2023 | More
LRBA holders to ride property market out, despite volatility blip

Australians’ penchant for property investment comes with the caveat that patience is a necessary virtue. This applies doubly so for fretful LRBA holders, writes Nicholas Way.

Nicholas Way | 1st Feb 2023 | More
  • Emilie O’Neill: Fighting the ‘ESG trade-off’ perception

    “Sometimes, the market thinks we prioritise ESG factors above investment fundamentals,” says Perennial’s Emilie O’Neill. “But the reality is that it’s just another investment lens.”

    Nicholas Way | 14th Dec 2022 | More
    ‘China’s goal is not to kill capitalism’: Foord embraces tidal shift on Asia

    While the market is broadly underweight China, South African-based Foord Asset Management is confident that President Xi Jinping’s economic plan for the country will bear fruit over time.

    Nicholas Way | 2nd Dec 2022 | More
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