It’s time to make retirement work for Australians, Labor says. Are we ready?

The government’s move to shift Australia’s superannuation system to a focus on the retirement phase might be a big ask for a population long focussed on accumulation. But it’s a necessary one, as most retirees don’t fully grasp how to make their golden years work for them.

Lisa Uhlman | 6th Dec 2023 | More
To tap the US tech boom, a quality approach helps filter out the froth

Focussing on the quality of a company and how it’s likely to perform is a key part of a high-conviction strategy, says fund manager Claremont Global. It’s also a useful strategy for investors who want access to the AI-fuelled tech phenomenon in the US without getting caught up in the noise.

Lisa Uhlman | 6th Dec 2023 | More
The art of downsizing: A strategic retreat for a smarter retirement

Deciding to downsize involves a delicate balance between emotional ties and practical necessities. While the financial benefits can be worthwhile, it’s crucial that retirees approach this move with a clear understanding of their priorities and objectives.

Staff Writer | 6th Dec 2023 | More
Geopolitical risks ebb and flow, but investors may regret ignoring China

Tensions in Australia’s relationship with China, along with our neighbour’s weak growth other headwinds, have Australians shying off investing in the world’s second largest economy. But given the countries’ deep connections, ignoring China is easier said than done.

Staff Writer | 6th Dec 2023 | More
As banks unite to stop scams, seniors group says more is needed

The banking industry’s Scam-Safe Accord aims to “put scammers out of business” through six coordinated initiatives, including name and biometric checks. It’s a good first step for protecting older Australians, who are disproportionately affected by scams, an advocacy group says.

Lisa Uhlman | 29th Nov 2023 | More
Australians pay third-most globally for internet, but shopping around can help

Only Norwegians and Icelanders pay more than Australians for internet access, and Australia’s fixed broadband speeds rank a dismal 92nd globally. But consumers, even those on a fixed income, shouldn’t despair: a little research can save a lot of money.

Lisa Uhlman | 29th Nov 2023 | More
Market’s goldfish memory on display in oversubscribed UBS CoCo deal

The Swiss bank’s $3.5 billion issue of contingent convertible bank capital drew 10 times as many investors as it needed, showing the market has already forgotten how holders of these bonds fared in the case of the collapsed Credit Suisse.

Lisa Uhlman | 22nd Nov 2023 | More
Dreaming of retiring early? The F.I.R.E. plan is about to get even tougher

The “financial independence, retire early” approach, which trades spartan frugality now for an early retirement later, can work in the right conditions, but its benefits may be eclipsed by the sacrifice required along the way, writes Alteris Financial Group’s Jaxon King.

Jaxon King | 8th Nov 2023 | More
Several homes, shares and, of course, luxury: How the uber-wealthy invest

Primary and secondary homes make up about a third of the total global wealth of the ultra-rich, new research shows. Commercial property and equities are also big components, with a small but increasingly valuable share going to “investments of passion”.

Staff Writer | 8th Nov 2023 | More
No income, but (nearly) everything else: The case for gold in a retirement strategy

The unique benefits of a gold allocation are clear, but investors, particularly retirement savers, are missing out on much of the market according to World Gold Council market strategist Joe Cavatoni, who says the metal’s dual role as a consumer good and an investment asset is key to its bright outlook.

Lisa Uhlman | 1st Nov 2023 | More
INDepth with Ashton Reid from Martin Currie

Ashton Reid from Martin Currie goes in-depth with James Dunn from The Inside Network on income-focused returns from the upside of urban population growth.

The Inside Investor | 25th Sep 2023 | WatchPause
INDepth with Anthony Kirkham from Western Asset Management

Anthony Kirkham from Western Asset Management goes in-depth with James Dunn from The Inside Network on bonds are back.

The Inside Investor | 20th Sep 2023 | WatchPause
INSight #265 with Lauren Ryan from Thinktank

Lauren Ryan from Thinktank shares insights with Peter White from The Inside Network on why brokers would partner with Thinktank.

The Inside Investor | 27th Aug 2023 | WatchPause
INSight #264 with Lauren Ryan from Thinktank

Lauren Ryan from Thinktank shares insights with Peter White from The Inside Network on whether investors have ever lost money in Thinktank.

The Inside Investor | 25th Aug 2023 | WatchPause
Datt fund: 3 yrs with 15% p/a average returns
The Inside Investor | 25th Oct 2021
Hayden Nicholson, Bell Potter Securities
The Inside Investor | 7th Jul 2021
IN Discussion with Chris Briant, Head of Parametric in Australia.
The Inside Investor | 10th May 2021
Kanish Chugh explores strong returns from Biotech in recent years
The Inside Investor | 30th Mar 2021
Franklin Templeton wins big as fund manager award winners revealed

The 35th iteration of the awards saw Franklin Templeton Australia beat out fellow finalists BlackRock, Lazard, VanEck and Macquarie Asset Management to take out the Fund Manager of the Year award.

Staff Writer | 23rd Jun 2023 | More
Woolworths, Northern Star recognised for governance at 2023 ASA Awards

The Australian Shareholders’ Association recently held its second annual ASA Awards in recognition of best corporate governance, honouring Woolworths Group for its shareholder communications and Northern Star Resources for improved governance standards.

Staff Writer | 12th May 2023 | More
‘Alarming precedent’: SMSF group urges crossbench to reject super tax bill

The proposed tax on super balances exceeding $3 million is still flawed and should not be legislated in its present form, the peak body representing self-managed superannuation funds said, imploring Senate cross-benchers to ice the bill.

Lisa Uhlman | 6th Dec 2023 | More
Building a legacy: Estate planning amid the Great Wealth Transfer

Planning one’s legacy involves a series of strategic decisions to protect and distribute assets efficiently – and with a record $3.5 trillion set to change hands over the coming decade, it’s key to Australia’s future financial security. Here, we explore tips to help investors optimise their wealth transfer outcomes.

Staff Writer | 29th Nov 2023 | More
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