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What’s next, “GigFollower”? JobKeeper extension & loan relief will lead to larger problems

In response to the economic fall out of COVID-19, the Australian government took a short term focus of survival and a “let’s get everyone through this” mentality.

What was an average return for the financial year?

Sitting at home through another economic shutdown, I can’t help but notice the flood of industry super fund advertisements throughout breaks in the now daily AFL games.

5G – a balm for the COVID-stricken world?

The transition to 5G has created headlines – less for the potential it offers, more for the ‘who builds the network’ question.

6 Stocks at all-time highs – Where to next?

Despite the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19, these stock are trading at all-time highs

Investing responsibly? It’s not as easy as you think……

The issue is that there is simply far too much flexibility and individual discretion as to what fits certain ESG criteria and what doesn’t

Earnings Season is Here – and It’s Going to be Ugly

With July coming to a close, it’s time for reporting season – and this year, it’s not going to be pretty.

Rethinking the macro and cross-asset research: what we have learned from the Covid-19 crisis

Covid-19 accelerated markets’ entropy and risk takers will evolve their investment approaches. Crisis creates disruption and Covid-19 is no exception, bringing new complexities, new opportunities and new risks to the investment landscape. From Amundi’s research angle, they have put together…

Pendal Edges Janus in the Battle of Funds Management Value

Listed fund managers Janus Henderson (JHG) and Pendal (PDL) share plenty of similarities: they are both predominantly value-style managers, and they both offer funds spanning North America, UK/Europe and Australasia.

Social housing: a potential for good returns while helping those in need

Based on a 2017 Productivity Commission report, the NDIS is anticipated to support approximately 475,000 people at cost of $22 billion, in its first year. Providing appropriate housing for individuals living with a disability, referred to as Specialist disability accommodation (SDA), is a key priority for the NDIS.

Six blue-chip updates: part 2

In the middle of another COVID-19 shutdown and with most companies approaching full year earnings season, it’s important to take stock of what occurred in the previous few months. We have taken the opportunity to provide an update on some non-traditional Aussie blue-chips after the strongest quarterly for the market in decades.


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