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‘Volatility provides opportunities for income investors: Franklin Templeton

Following two years of volatility, triggered by a global pandemic, supply-chain disruptions and the release of massive stimulus that followed, the financial system is in uncharted territory. Inflation is at highs not seen in four decades; bonds have fallen with equities, invalidating the traditional 60/40 portfolio; and, to add a spanner in the works, a…

Ishan Dan | 5th Aug 2022 | More
Market selloff offering a“unique opportunity”

Hyperion cites pricing power, market share gains for confidence Hyperion has been one of the most successful home growth fund managers in Australia, with their growth-oriented portfolios delivering strong returns in the lead up to the pandemic, and then accelerating even further as the technology boom took off. Yet the beginning of 2022 has marked…

Drew Meredith | 3rd Aug 2022 | More
  • Cannabis, solar, lithium trends remain in their infancy, investors best pay attention

    A lot has happened in just these last two years. Despite the widespread damage caused by Covid-19, the crisis accelerated the pace of technological advancements along with our ability to adapt to the latest changes. A survey by McKinsey & Co found that Covid-19 sped up the adoption of digital technologies by several years. And…

    Ishan Dan | 3rd Aug 2022 | More
    Federal Reserve commentary sparks a relief recovery in tech stocks

    Last week’s effort by the Federal Reserve to curb inflation by raising US rates by another 75 basis points will likely see inflation decline in 2023 and will likely tip the economy into recession. Wednesday’s rate rise increases the Fed Funds rate to between 2.25 per cent and 2.5 per cent. According to CBA economists,…

    Ishan Dan | 29th Jul 2022 | More
  • Currency key to investability, as shorts pay off

    Among the most interesting comments I’ve heard thus far in 2022 was from an actively managed global fund manager who said something along the lines of “the challenge in 2022 won’t be in outperforming the index, but rather in generating a positive return.” This was evidenced by renowned value manager Platinum’s quarterly results, released last…

    Drew Meredith | 29th Jul 2022 | More
    ‘A narrow path forward’ between value and growth

    While value has been the winner of the recent market rout and growth the loser, a zealous adherence to either style could see managers burned by economic downturn. The ongoing market dislocation has opened another chapter in the blood feud between value and growth managers, with growth managers retreating to lick their wounds while value…

    Lachlan Maddock | 22nd Jul 2022 | More
    Who is behind the purchase of Vodafone’s tower portfolio?

    Leading global private investments firm, Northleaf Capital Partners, has made a tilt into the lucrative mobile tower infrastructure sector. Northleaf purchased a 40 percent stake in Aotearoa Towers Limited (“Aotearoa” or the “Company”), a mobile tower infrastructure business, from Vodafone New Zealand Limited (“Vodafone NZ”). The transaction helps create New Zealand’s largest independent tower company,…

    Ishan Dan | 20th Jul 2022 | More
    Fintech Pearler raises $7.8 million despite challenging market

    Leading Australian investment and wealth management app, Pearler, has closed a seed funding round raising $7.8m led by Portage Ventures, Archangel Ventures and Ten13. According to the company website, Pearler is an investing app designed to help you reach your financial goals, within a supportive community. The fintech’s mission is to help everyday people become…

    Ishan Dan | 20th Jul 2022 | More
    Is it time to jump back on the tech train?

    Following the shock, US inflation reading this March came an avalanche of panicked investors offloading their riskiest assets as quickly as possible. They became spooked by the onset of high inflation, surging prices and the real possibility of rising interest rates. It was something the market had not dealt with for decades. So, this sudden…

    Ishan Dan | 15th Jul 2022 | More