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Quality stocks the key to sustainable dividends

Investors looking to grow income from dividends must adjust their focus and concentrate on the quality of the company and the sustainability of dividends not the payout ratio, according to investment manager Martin Currie Australia, a Legg Mason affiliate. Leading…

Regulator warns on early release scams

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission has issued a warning to super fund members to check the accreditation of people offering financial services before doing business with them. The warning follows the conviction of a Melbourne man, Grant Ross, who…

Banks’ mortgage bonanza under threat

Mortgage re-pricing and robust mortgage volume growth have supported banks’ earnings in recent years but that may be coming to an end. Macquarie Securities estimates that banks’ ability to continue to re-price mortgage is diminishing and, increasingly, banks need to…

Qantas a strong buy

Qantas stock has traded strongly on the Australian Securities Exchange over the past few months, with the airline company’s share price climbing 31 per cent from a low of $3.01 in November last year to its current level around $3.94.…

Rumble in the Jungle

Online retailer Amazon has confirmed that it will set up operations in Australia. The company says it is looking for a warehouse (what the company calls a fulfilment centre), which may be the first of many. It is also looking…

Upward movement in the TD market

The term deposit market showed some signs of upward rate movement in March with several small financial institutions increasing their term deposit rates. According to the latest Mozo Banking Roundup, there were more term deposit rate increases in March than…


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