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The secret of how ads find you makes a great stock story

One of the hottest tech stocks in the US market at present – which is really saying something – is advertising technology company The Trade Desk.

Top 3 investment super apps

These days, investors and SMSF trustees aren’t confined to just the realms of the big banks. Today, there are a stack of investment apps that can be downloaded to streamline the entire process from idea generation to implementation. These apps…

A RARE source of income

The specialist global listed infrastructure investment manager, known for its research-driven active management and ESG integration strategies, is looking to launch an unhedged version of its RARE Income Fund.

6 Stocks at all-time highs – Where to next?

Despite the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19, these stock are trading at all-time highs

Latin American E-Commerce Giant Worth a Long Look

While more and more Australian investors get comfortable with investing overseas, it’s fair to assume that Latin America is not on most people’s map of the investable universe – “there be dragons,” as the old mariners used to say.

Why you should be thinking about the Z Score (VAH & JBH)

The Altman Z-Score Screen is a useful fundamental tool that can be used by investors to measure the likelihood that a company will go bankrupt. Invented by US finance Professor Edward Altman, the Z-Score analyses 5 weighted business ratios to estimate the likelihood of financial distress.

Top 6 ETFs by performance in 2020

Exchange traded funds (ETFs) have become an easy and popular way for investors to gain exposure to a basket of shares, commodities, or bonds, through the purchase of one security, the ASX-listed ETF, through a stockbroker, in exactly the same…

Six blue-chip updates: part 2

In the middle of another COVID-19 shutdown and with most companies approaching full year earnings season, it’s important to take stock of what occurred in the previous few months. We have taken the opportunity to provide an update on some non-traditional Aussie blue-chips after the strongest quarterly for the market in decades.

6 stocks that benefit from rising tensions in the South China Sea

The South China Sea conflict has largely been a case of ‘failure to act’ whilst the law of the sea has been flouted. China continues to exert military control over its neighbours over the hotly contested waterways, completely unabated.

Get travelling: No excuse for SMSF shares xenophobia

Australia’s army of self-managed super fund (SMSF) proprietors show their patriotism in their asset allocation: while they have just under 30% of their portfolios in Australian shares, on the most recent data, their international share holdings are a fraction of this, at 1.2%.


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