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Staff Writer results

The art of downsizing: A strategic retreat for a smarter retirement

Deciding to downsize involves a delicate balance between emotional ties and practical necessities. While the financial benefits can be worthwhile, it’s crucial that retirees approach this move with a clear understanding of their priorities and objectives.

Staff Writer | 6th Dec 2023 | More
Geopolitical risks ebb and flow, but investors may regret ignoring China

Tensions in Australia’s relationship with China, along with our neighbour’s weak growth other headwinds, have Australians shying off investing in the world’s second largest economy. But given the countries’ deep connections, ignoring China is easier said than done.

Staff Writer | 6th Dec 2023 | More
Stubborn inflation prompting Aussies to move goalposts on retirement

A recent global retirement survey by investment manager MFS shows nearly 60 per cent of Australians are rethinking how they’ll retire because of inflation worries – a bigger hit to retirement confidence than any other recent economic shock, including the COVID-19 pandemic.

Staff Writer | 29th Nov 2023 | More
Building a legacy: Estate planning amid the Great Wealth Transfer

Planning one’s legacy involves a series of strategic decisions to protect and distribute assets efficiently – and with a record $3.5 trillion set to change hands over the coming decade, it’s key to Australia’s future financial security. Here, we explore tips to help investors optimise their wealth transfer outcomes.

Staff Writer | 29th Nov 2023 | More
Riding the wave of volatile markets through the golden years

Unfortunately, reaching the retirement milestone does not free investors from the vagaries of markets, a constant companion. A diversified portfolio and patience are two prerequisites for peace of mind in our golden years – and being prepared for the unexpected is key.

Staff Writer | 22nd Nov 2023 | More
  • Beyond super: A guide to navigating retirement income

    Superannuation is a big part of most Australians’ retirement strategies, but many also choose to augment their savings with other income-producing investments. Here’s a look at how these options can help retirees maintain their preferred lifestyle and protect against risk.

    Staff Writer | 15th Nov 2023 | More
    ASIC warns of scam investment opportunities in new alert list

    The list targets domestic and international entities the regulator suspects of offering services to Australians without the appropriate licenses or permission. It already contains more than 1,300 names.

    Staff Writer | 15th Nov 2023 | More
    Several homes, shares and, of course, luxury: How the uber-wealthy invest

    Primary and secondary homes make up about a third of the total global wealth of the ultra-rich, new research shows. Commercial property and equities are also big components, with a small but increasingly valuable share going to “investments of passion”.

    Staff Writer | 8th Nov 2023 | More
    Australia’s retirement income system climbs to fifth place globally

    Higher mandatory contributions and increased pension assets helped Australia improve on its 2022 score in Mercer and the CFA Institute’s annual index and move up a spot in the 47-country ranking, but the research cited room for improvement.

    Staff Writer | 25th Oct 2023 | More
    Super returns suffer in September as higher-for-longer sinks in

    Superannuation funds and pensions posted declining returns in September, weighed down by falls in sharemarkets and an uncertain rates outlook, according to a new report. But they continued to outperform equities, showing diversification pays off.

    Staff Writer | 18th Oct 2023 | More
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