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James Dunn has been a finance and business journalist since 1988, operating across the entire spectrum of these areas, from personal investment to high-end institutional finance. Within that spectrum James has developed a wide range of knowledge of the financial markets, investment asset classes, the global economic environment and most importantly, how these all coalesce.

The secret of how ads find you makes a great stock story

One of the hottest tech stocks in the US market at present – which is really saying something – is advertising technology company The Trade Desk.

Don’t like a company’s stance on diversity? Sack it!

Nucleus Wealth has launched an SMA that allows investors to take a stand on diversity

Earnings Season is Here – and It’s Going to be Ugly

With July coming to a close, it’s time for reporting season – and this year, it’s not going to be pretty.

Latin American E-Commerce Giant Worth a Long Look

While more and more Australian investors get comfortable with investing overseas, it’s fair to assume that Latin America is not on most people’s map of the investable universe – “there be dragons,” as the old mariners used to say.

Pendal Edges Janus in the Battle of Funds Management Value

Listed fund managers Janus Henderson (JHG) and Pendal (PDL) share plenty of similarities: they are both predominantly value-style managers, and they both offer funds spanning North America, UK/Europe and Australasia.

Growth Champ Magellan Streeting Value Camp’s Platinum, but Neither Stock Shows Value

As an investment style, growth has hammered value in recent years – and this outperformance has only widened in the COVID-19-affected markets.   According to Bank of America, growth strategies have outperformed value strategies by nearly 8 percentage points since…

Ways to Play the Tech Boom

ASX ETFs Offer the Tech World, with Currency a Potential Bonus Investors are realising that without meaningful technology exposure, their portfolios are missing a major growth driver. However, the difficulty of picking individual stocks should not be under-estimated, with the…

Get travelling: No excuse for SMSF shares xenophobia

Australia’s army of self-managed super fund (SMSF) proprietors show their patriotism in their asset allocation: while they have just under 30% of their portfolios in Australian shares, on the most recent data, their international share holdings are a fraction of this, at 1.2%.

Woodside and Horizon the Top Oil Plays, Says Tamim

The need for crude oil – and other fossil fuels –  is not going away anytime soon, and investors should be holding some assets that benefit from higher oil prices. That’s the contrarian contention from Tamim Asset Management, which has a near-term (18–24 months target on oil of US$50 a barrel; and, longer–term, does not rule out oil seeing a triple-digit price, which it has not seen since 2014.

Dr copper getting bullish, as red metal rebounds

That famous economist, Dr Copper, has rebounded from his pessimism in March, and is feeling positive. Copper has long been considered an accurate proxy for global economic health and activity, because of the extent of its use. The red metal…


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