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James Dunn has been a finance and business journalist since 1988, operating across the entire spectrum of these areas, from personal investment to high-end institutional finance. Within that spectrum James has developed a wide range of knowledge of the financial markets, investment asset classes, the global economic environment and most importantly, how these all coalesce.

Glittering margins on show for gold miners – but the share market has noticed

Most gold investors are quietly happy about the yellow metal’s 2020 rise from US$1,514.75 to US$1,728.70 – that’s a healthy 14.1 rise. But if you’re an Australian gold miner, you’re even happier about its 2020 movement in A$, from $2,164.67…

Big miners dig deep for dividends

With dividends at risk in many companies, a surprising sector is emerging as a payout powerhouse – mining. It used to be a truism that the cyclicality of the mining industry worked against dividends, as did the need for large…

Crunchy GRANOLAS sweet for investment

In recent years, it seems that there can’t be an investment opportunity without an acronym – but sometimes, it’s more than a bit of alphabetical fun. The hybrid securities world first got into the acronym craze, such that investors saw…

Dividends stress-tested, but pockets of resilience survive

All over the share market, investors are stress-testing their dividends – although, until they see what their portfolio companies actually do with regard to dividends, this largely involves prudent recalibration of expectations. Take National Australia Bank, for example, which slashed…

Oil a great contrarian trade, but ETF woes cause rethink

In a sea of potential contrarian trades, oil is one that stands out. The North American West Texas Intermediate (WTI) benchmark has lost more than 75 per cent since the start of 2020, seeing it fall to its lowest price…

Luxury split to decant Penfolds from Treasury Wine

It’s enough to make one feel old – old enough to remember when Foster’s Group spun off its wine business, in the form of Treasury Wine Estates, in May 2011, only four months before Foster’s itself disappeared from the Australian…

Rebalancing at the Cor of all-weather approach

With investors desperately searching for strategies that have held up in the COVID-19 crash, the Cor Capital Fund is one that stands out, with a return for the March quarter of 0.47 per cent, net of fees – and a rise in April, at time of writing, of 2.75 per cent.

Volatility must settle before it’s safe to re-enter market

There’s a lot of emotion – mainly fear – surrounding the share market at the moment. But for the clients of mechanical rules-based trading system Share Wealth Systems, all that has been taken away. Instead, SWS clients are waiting for…


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