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Ishan Dan

Senior Journalist

Ishan a Senior Journalist covering the Inside Investor and Insider Adviser publications. Ishan has extensive experience across financial markets with roles spanning stockbroking, financial advice and platform administration. Ishan has written for well-known finance publications including Marcus Today, The Bull, MoneyandLife among others. Ishan’s varied experienced has given him sound expertise across the entire spectrum of finance and investing, with specific experience commenting on portfolio construction, direct shares and managed fund investing.

Ishan Dan results

IPO market review – who delivered in 2020?

Investors ready themselves for Covid-normal And just like that, this crazy year is almost over. As we head into Christmas, Melburnians will breathe a sigh of relief after a marathon lockdown is lifted and the state readies for a “COVID-normal Christmas” – whatever that is. While markets largely shrugged off the COVID effect, it’s been…

Ishan Dan | 28th Oct 2020 | More
Upgrade season – Broker dividend plays for 2021

If you’re looking for some generous dividend-paying stocks before the end of the year, you’ll find that the usual suspects – the banks, Telstra, and the real estate investment trusts (REITs) – have fallen in share price due to COVID-19, but that their dividend yields have remained quite high (although the REITs don’t offer franking)….

Ishan Dan | 27th Oct 2020 | More
Douugh (ASX:DOU) IPO cooks on debut

Neobank Douugh (ASX: DOU) shares are up 30% at the time of writing, and up a whopping 1100% after a successful backdoor listing on the ASX at 3c. Neobanks (or digital banks) are simply new app-based banks. No branches, no cash, and interaction entirely through a smartphone app. Although dubbed a neobank, Douugh is so…

Ishan Dan | 21st Oct 2020 | More
How this all-weather approach beat the market

The term balanced fund has been somewhat maligned after being the core product of insurance salesmen throughout the 70s and 80s to the catch all for high and low risk superannuation options it is today. Yet with uncertainty comes opportunity, and a new breed of ‘balanced fund’ is emerging. The All-Weather portfolio, run by Melbourne-based…

Ishan Dan | 21st Oct 2020 | More
China takes aim at Australian coal

And just like that, Australia’s coking coal-exporting days could be numbered. This week, Australian coking coal exports ordered by Chinese steel mills were diverted away to other countries, and the mills told to stop buying Australian coking coal, joining Beijing’s restrictions on Chinese utilities buying thermal coal, which is used in electric power generation. It’s…

Ishan Dan | 14th Oct 2020 | More
  • Dividend seeking – AT&T the new TLS?

    The venerable AT&T, with its beginnings traced back to Alexander Graham Bell in 1877, is the Telstra of the United States. It is the largest provider of mobile and fixed telephone services, not only in the US, but in the world, going by total revenue. AT&T also provides Pay-TV services through DirecTV. So, you could…

    Ishan Dan | 14th Oct 2020 | More
    ASX winners from a Trump or Biden win

    What ASX stocks to buy if Trump or Biden wins the Presidency? In last week’s article we explored the possibility of a Trump second-term presidency and a Biden Presidency. When it comes to politics, we keep opinions and views separate from investment decisions as they rarely add any great significance to the share market. In…

    Ishan Dan | 13th Oct 2020 | More
    Who can you trust to invest your money?

    In a world of stockbrokers, financial planners, advisers, coaches, and wealth managers, who can you trust to invest your money? As a stockbroker that began fifteen years ago, I witnessed first-hand how the financial advice industry underwent significant changes caused by a long list of events such as the Global Financial Crisis, online broking, FOFA…

    Ishan Dan | 7th Oct 2020 | More
    Who wins from a Trump or Biden Presidency?

    Which stocks will stand out if Trump or Biden wins the Presidency? When it comes to politics, it is best to leave personal opinions and views separate from investment decisions, as they rarely have any great significance to the share market. In saying that, the upcoming Presidential Election is one of those few political events…

    Ishan Dan | 7th Oct 2020 | More
    Is Plenti Worth the Punt?

    Shares in consumer lending company Plenti (ASX: PLT) look to have stabilised, having tumbled 25% from the initial IPO price of $1.66. At the time of writing the share price sits at $1.28. Given the haircut applied to the stock in the secondary market, is Plenti worth a punt? Firstly, what does Plenti do? Formerly…

    Ishan Dan | 30th Sep 2020 | More
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