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Ishan Dan

Senior Journalist

Ishan a Senior Journalist covering the Inside Investor and Insider Adviser publications. Ishan has extensive experience across financial markets with roles spanning stockbroking, financial advice and platform administration. Ishan has written for well-known finance publications including Marcus Today, The Bull, MoneyandLife among others. Ishan’s varied experienced has given him sound expertise across the entire spectrum of finance and investing, with specific experience commenting on portfolio construction, direct shares and managed fund investing.

Ishan Dan results

Should I sell my Bitcoin?

Over the weekend, someone asked me if they should sell their Bitcoin holdings after the recent collapse. Firstly, this is in no way meant to be financial advice. But it’s an interesting question. These last few months have been painful to watch, especially for those holding cryptocurrencies. Following the crypto crash of Luna-Terra and then…

Ishan Dan | 22nd Jun 2022 | More
The big difference between millennial women and men investors

It’s a well-known fact, women investors outperform their male counterparts and have been doing so for quite some time. On average they’ve been outperforming males by 40 basis points or 0.40 percent, that’s according to the Fidelity 2021 Women and Investing Study. New research from investment app, Pearler, has once again confirmed this admission, women…

Ishan Dan | 17th Jun 2022 | More
RBA set to prioritise inflation fighting  over economic growth

“The RBA appears to be prioritising price stability over economic growth,” is the opinion of Andrew Tang, equity strategy analyst at Morgans Wealth Management. Last month’s higher than expected inflation reading confirmed what many had long feared. Australia is not immune to the rising price of goods as a result of massive stimulus efforts during…

Ishan Dan | 17th Jun 2022 | More
Is it time to start buying high quality, fundamentally sound companies?

With markets capitulating, cryptocurrencies sold off and the property market starting to dip, the widespread damage has been indiscriminate and unnerving. The ASX 200 Index is down 7 percent for the month and down 11 percent for the year to date. Many shares are now dipping below pre-pandemic levels but the market is still retaining…

Ishan Dan | 17th Jun 2022 | More
The ten themes that matter most as markets fall

Financial advisers face a number of risks during this period of heightened volatility where markets are transitioning to reflect a world of higher inflation and rising interest rates. In these uncertain times, global asset manager Capital Group believes its important for advisers to step back and consider the long-term trends that are driving companies and…

Ishan Dan | 17th Jun 2022 | More
  • Women smashing gender pay gap in pursuit of passive income

    Australian women are, on average, investing more of their income into sharemarkets, and overwhelming focused on using their capital to back more ‘ESG friendly’ investments. These were among the key conclusions of Pearler, an investing app that seeks to both educate and build a community around finances and investing. New research released this week by…

    Ishan Dan | 15th Jun 2022 | More
    Celsius Network freeze hits crypto investors hard

    In case you missed it, the second crypto meltdown is underway a month after the implosion of the Terra stable coin, sent crypto markets tumbling. This crypto sell-off has claimed another casualty, ‘The Celsius Network’. Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies went into freefall, signalling what share markets would call a ‘dead cat bounce’. For those…

    Ishan Dan | 15th Jun 2022 | More
    Three broker buys this week

    With yesterday’s 50bps rate hike, confidence has slipped, and every sector is weaker. A somewhat unexpected increase in the cash rate to 0.85 per cent saw the S&P/ASX200 slump by 1.5 per cent. The large move was predicted by only a few experts with the RBA highlighted the fact that inflation had increased significantly around…

    Ishan Dan | 9th Jun 2022 | More
    “Reasons to be optimistic” amid crypto crunch

    The most recent innovation was the launch of the crypto ETF last month. With an estimated 300 million users worldwide, Bitcoin has a $500bn market cap and has been the fastest-growing asset in recorded history. May 22 is known as ‘Pizza Day,’ it was the first real-world transaction using Bitcoin, where a developer bought two…

    Ishan Dan | 9th Jun 2022 | More
    Bitcoin price tumbles on legislative hit

    Crypto can’t seem to catch a break, with prices plummeting yet again, as central banks including the RBA, continue hiking rates even higher. Crypto enthusiasts that were confident they had seen the worst, are preparing for more pain as Bitcoin tumbled as much as 7.1 percent today, dipping back below US$30k, a level not seen…

    Ishan Dan | 9th Jun 2022 | More
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