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A RARE source of income

The specialist global listed infrastructure investment manager, known for its research-driven active management and ESG integration strategies, is looking to launch an unhedged version of its RARE Income Fund.

6 Stocks at all-time highs – Where to next?

Despite the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19, these stock are trading at all-time highs

Impact Investing 101 and how to be a do-gooder

Green is the new black. Impact investing is the $2.1 trillion opportunity

Why you should be thinking about the Z Score (VAH & JBH)

The Altman Z-Score Screen is a useful fundamental tool that can be used by investors to measure the likelihood that a company will go bankrupt. Invented by US finance Professor Edward Altman, the Z-Score analyses 5 weighted business ratios to estimate the likelihood of financial distress.

6 stocks that benefit from rising tensions in the South China Sea

The South China Sea conflict has largely been a case of ‘failure to act’ whilst the law of the sea has been flouted. China continues to exert military control over its neighbours over the hotly contested waterways, completely unabated.

Praemium merges with Powerwrap to become more competitive

While the market appears to be focused on all things Afterpay (ASX:APT) and the ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ phenomenon, the sector is a little too hot for us to dip our toes in, but “well done” to those that have.…


Looking to give your portfolio diversification via direct international equity exposure such as FAANGS? It makes sense to invest internationally as most of the growth that comes from big earners are in other countries. Therefore, the growth potential and risk minimisation benefits are far greater than investing in just Australian equities. For example, by only investing in Australia, you miss out on the large global IT, consumer discretionary and healthcare companies.

The Dogs of the ASX 200 for 2021

What a year it has been. From rising geopolitical trade tensions between USA and China to an unprecedented pandemic that spread over multiple countries and brought the global economy to its knees, it has been one unpredictable wild ride. Both the Australian and US markets traded in volatile conditions with many asset classes delivering poor results. The Dow Jones Industrial Index dropped by


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